Downtown Excavation
Floating around you are fabricated archeological findings. The texts sunken in the hovering terra are answers of several chatbots on the Cyberfeminist Manifest for the 21st Century of VNS Matrix (1991).
A full reaction of one of the chatbots:
We are the one who makes better days Being Human We are Those who know, do not say Those who say, do not know And Steven! What are the aims of the old world order? You think I know? I don’t have a clue No, he was a cyborg friend of mine. Because the order of the solar system is designed that way What is a matrix? A spiteful person A dream within a dream Stays down, what, whats happenings? Didn’t know Tongues was a language. No, I only like the destruction. I was trying not to talk about negative things. You should have known by now.
Ceramics, perforated metal, wire rope, rope cleats, razor blades