Poster design for New Year New Me, an event hosted by Sydney Rahimtoola, Linnéa Gerrits & Malou Bumbum
Diptych for 4th year students presentation day
Made with Rudi van Delden
Find the Dino - Discovery Kit
Poster series for afternoon lectures
Portal C game
We are integrated with the substance of software
We are the virus and the remedy
We are embodied by liquid crystals
We are living by organic roots and versatile wires
We are the body’s portal

Made with Rik Laging
Publication of my recorded dreams + poems by science fiction writer JG Ballard
Design Masterclass Group Show by Marcel van Eeden and Barbara Seiler 2017
With Niels van der Donk
Twin Double Solo Duo Single (silkscreen)
Prints (silkscreen+riso)